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Full text of "Islam Temple, A.A.O.N.M.S. pilgrimage to Sacramento, March 13, 1915"

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t'rr^T*    rFiWfT^  . 










2Iak(  i(tth  all  gc  ^obhs : 

On  the  26th  day  of  the  fourth  month  Rabih  Ul  Akhir,  Hegira  1333,  which  yoiir 
Arabic  stenographer  is  prone  to  stenog  instead  of 

^aturliaa.  iiarrli  13,  1915 

J  Islam  Temple  will  hold  a 

where  the  massive  pavilions  and  minarets  proclaim  the  Capital  of  the  State. 

The  pilgrimage  will  leave  San  Francisco  by  Southern  Pacific  Ferry,  Satur- 
day, March  13th,  1915,  at  12:20  o'clock,  arriving  in  Sacramento  at  3  135  p.  m. 

Nobles  desiring  to  take  train  at  intermediate  stations  between  Oakland  and 
Sacramento  can  accomplish  same  by  making  arrangements  with  John  Bennett, 

A  Diner  for.  Nobles  desiring  lunch  will  accompany  train  from  Oakland  to 

Arriving  at  the  Capital  City  the  Nobles  will  form  in  parade,  accompanied 
by  Islam  Band  and  the  Arab  Patrol  and  proceed  to  the  Travelers  Hotel,  via  K 
and  J  Streets,  where  dinner  will  be  served  at  6  p.  m. 

nxih  Mnnqntt 

The  Business  and  Ceremonial  Session  and  also  the  Banquet  will  be  held  at 
the  beautiful  new  State  Armory  at  Twelfth  and  W  Streets,  which  can  be  reached 
by  the  Tenth  Street  cars  running  out  K  Street  or  the  Central  California  Traction 
Company  leaving  Eighth  and  J. 

Business  meeting  and  balloting  for  candidates  at  7:30  o'clock. 

Ceremonial  Session  at  8  o'clock,  which  will  be  followed  by  the  Traditional 

On  Sunday  there  will  be  automobile  rides  for  the  visiting  Nobles,  leaving 
the  Travelers  Hotel  at  lo  a.  m.  At  ii  a.  m.  the  Islam  Band  will  render  a  con- 
cert at  the  City  Park. 

Returning:  Train  will  leave  Sacramento  Sunday  afternoon  at  2:30  o'clock, 
arriving  in  San  Francisco  at  6:10. 

Nobles  desiring  hotel  accommodations  will  kindly  address  Noble  Chas.  A. 
Root,  County  Recorder,  Sacramento,  Chairman  of  the  Hotel  Committee. 

The  Divan  of  Islam  Temple  is  deeply  indebted  for  much  strenuous  work 
performed  by  the  energetic  committee  composed  of  Joseph  Stephens,  Chas.  A. 
Root,  R.  O.  Kimbrough,  J.  E.  Thompson,  John  Clauss,  Ed.  Yardley,  Adolph 
Teichert,  Ed.  Weil,  Ed.  Harvey,  Chas.  J.  Chittenden. 

A  most  enjoyable  pilgrimage  is  promised  on  this  occasion. 

The  officers  are  making  arrangements  for  many  new  stunts  in  connection 
with  the  trip  and  Ceremonial. 

•-  I.  i 


•  <' 

^   ^Ls 



There  will  be  daylight  fireworks  in  Sacramento. 

Tickets,  round  trip,  $3.50,  for  sale  by  Recorder,  43  Powell  Street,  or  at  Ferry 
on  day  of  pilgrimage  from  any  of  the  officers  of  Islam  Temple.  Tickets  will  be 
honored  on  Shrine  Special  only.    This  applies  both  ways. 

OirurkeF  ^nnm  (Harntttal 

Islam's  Annual  Frozen  Joy  Pilgrimage  to  Truckee  was  a  great  success. 
The  fortunate  participants  had  the  time  of  their  lives  with  toboggans,  skiis, 
skates,  sleighs,  snow  games  and  dancing.  The  arrangements  for  dining,  heating 
and  transportation  were  perfect  and  the  entire  party  is  anxious  to  repeat  the 
trip  next  winter.     Now  aren't  you  sorry  you  didn't  go? 

V  )iA)i; 

Many  Nobles  have  not  paid  their  dues  for  191 5,  and  others  are  still  indebted 
for  the  year  19 14  and  also  the  assessment  of  $5.00  which  was  levied  July  9th, 
1914,  and  which  became  delinquent;  January  ist  last.  If  you  have  not  yet  pro- 
cured that  Patriotic  Card  (Red,  White  and  Blue)  for  191 5,  your  name  is  on 
the  "delinquent  list,"  and  in  accordance  with  the  Laws  of  the  Imperial  Council 
(as  well  as  our  own)  you  cannot  avail  yourself  of  any  of  the  privileges  of  this 
or  any  other  Temple  in  North  America;  so  please  quit  your  flirting  with  (that 
thief  of  time)  Procrastination,  and  send  the  amount  of  your  dues  NOW,  and 
get  that  matter  out  of  your  system.  Do  not  wait  until  the  date  of  a 
Ceremonial  Session^  as  the  Recorder  is  very  busy  at  that  time,  and  it  is  impos- 
sible for  him  to  give  you  proper  attention,  so  "be  reasonable,"  send  your  check, 
post  office  or  express  order  NOW!  while  it  is  on  your  mind,  and  we  will  all  be 
happy.  Many  of  you  have  been  waiting  for  this  reminder,  and  now  that  you  have 
it  please  act  promptly;  then  all  will  be  lovely  "and  the  feathery  biped  will  be 
suspended  from  the  uppermost  hook." 

To  the  Nobles  who  paid  only  $5.00  on  the  assessment  of  $15.00  which  was 
levied  on  August  14th,  1913,  will  say  that  amount  has  been  credited  to  their 
accounts  in  payment  of  the  $5.00  assessment  which  was  levied  at  the  Regular 
Stated  Session  of  July  9th,  1914,  in  accordance  with  that  Resolution. 

The  Recorder  appreciates  the  labors  and  feels  very  grateful  to  those  Com- 
mitteemen who  have  collected  dues  from  members  in  their  district  and  sent  for 
their  cards  (one  of  whom  sent  his  check  for  nineteen  of  them  in  one  batch),  and 
he  will  appreciate  similar  activity  on  the  part  of  others. 

It  is  hoped  that  every  member  of  Islam  Temple  will  be  in  possession  of  the 
necessary  credentials  before  April  ist. 

3lmp0rtattt  tn  tlj^  Qlattbtbat^B 

The  Candidates  from  San  Francisco  that  have  already  presented  their  Peti- 
tions for  Initiation  and  who  intend  to  accompany  us  to  Sacramento  will  please 
call  on  the  Recorder  at  his  office,  43  Powell  Street,  between  the  hours  of  9  a,  m. 
and  4  p.  m.  on  any  day  (except  Sunday)  to  and  including  March  nth  for  the 
purpose  of  receiving  instructions  and  signing  the  membership  roll. 

The  Candidates  of  Sacramento  and  vicinity  will  call  on  the  Recorder  at  the 
Travelers  Hotel  in  Sacramento  on  Saturday,  the  13th  inst,  between  the  hours 
of  9  a.  m.  and  2  p.  m.    It  is  very  important  that  you  comply  with  this  request. 

^•^  Recorder, 

43  Powell  Street,  San  FrancUco. 
Phone,  Sutter  603. 

33t  Jackson  Street,  San  Francisco. 
Phon«,  Douglas  5384. 

aiBlam  S^mplr,  A.  A.  (§.  N.  M.  B. 

Jfftaral  f  par  ptiMng  l^uMtmbtr  30,  13 lit 

Cash  on  hand  December  1,   1913 $  7,550.47 



Members  residing  in  Bay  Counties  $     6,992.75 

Members  residing  outside  Bay  Counties   3,463.25 

Advance,   1915    3,056.25 

Advance,   1916    2,028.00 

Advance,   1917    561.00 

Advance,   1918 187.00 



'initiation   23,025.00 

Affiliation    . 90.00 

Life  Membership   (See  Contra) 740.00 


1911    24.00 

1913   (Special)    22,712.00 

Less  Transfers  to   dues   accounts 4,875.00     17,837.00 


;    Bonds    695.00 

Deposits,    etc 1 16.03 


Casimir  J.  Wood — Loan  repaid    250.00 

Refund   Acct. — Excursions 173.45 

For  account  of  Uniform  Fund 24.00 

Miscellaneous    Expense   refunds    (See    Contra) 705.73 




General   Headquarters   Expense    4,850.15 

Office    Expense 4,512.20 

Bulletins  and  Advertising   1,039.00 

Charity    . 1,385.50 

Decorations  and  Flowers 482.10 


General    3,970.46 

Imperial  officers    1,081.89 

Seattle,   1915 1,110.00 


Testimonials 1,371.75 

Ceremonials:  .    ,  . 

San  Francisco,  April  22nd    2,393.22 

Fresno,  June   13th 2,472.08 

San   Francisco,   September  28th    3,768.95 

Islam  Band: 

Labor,  supplies,   etc 726.69 

Uniforms    1,325.75 


Transportation    4,413.00 

Hotel   Expenses    l^SSsilS 

r  ,        ^        ,  8,048.62 

Islam  Patrol: 

Labor,  supplies,  etc 832.50 

Uniforms    1,953.66 

Transportation    4,145.25 

Hotel   Expenses    1^484  25 

Imperial  Council  fees  and  dues   1,404.75 

Trustees,  Life  Membership  Fund  '74o!oO 


1913   Special   Assessment    2,970.00 

Miscellaneous    703.75 

~  3,675.73 

t  or  account  of  House   Committee    270.50 

Atlanta  trip — incidentals    2,514^40 

Furniture  and  Fixtures    '25L00 

Paraphernalia    687^85 

—    54,445.81 

Cash  on  Hand,  November  30,  1914  $13,073.12 


Anglo-Cal.  Trust  Co $     5,000.00 

German  Savings  &  Loan  Society   2,165.00 

Crocker  National  Bank 59.38 

Bank   of   Italy    5,4«7.65 

Savings  Union  Bank  (Uniform  Fund)   361.09 



Number  of  members,  December  1,  1913 : 4,165 

Admitted    1914 312 

Reinstatements  and  affiliations    11 



Demitted    25 

Suspended    64 

Deceased 65 


NET  GAIN 169 

Number  of  members  November  30th,  1914 4,334 

Islam  Temple,  A.  A.  O.  N.  M.  S. 

November  30,  1914. 

Officers  and  Members,  Islam  Temple,  A.  A.  O.  N.  M.  S.,  San  Francisco. 

Esteemed  Nobles:     I  hand  you  herewith  condensed  report  of  the  Treasurer  of 
Islam  Temple  for  the  fiscal  year  ending  November  30,  1914: 

Cash  in  Treasurer's  hands,  December  1,  1913 $  7,550.47 

Received  from  Recorder  59,968.46 

MAKING $67,518.93 

Disbursed,  as  per  check  vouchers  Nos.  1202  to  1647,  inclusive 54,445.81 

BALANCE  in  Treasurer's  hands,  November  30,  1914 $13,073.12 

Respectfully  submitted, 

.       ,  _,  Treasurer. 


December,  1914. 

Stock  Issues. 

Standing  in  the  name  of  the  Trustees 2943  shares 

Standing  in  the  name  of  the  Directors  (one  share  each) 9  shares 

This  would  represent  a  total  receipt  of $  73,800.00 


Received  from  Trustees  prior  to  January  1,  1914 $72,850  00 

Received  from  Trustees  prior  to  March  20,  1914 350.00 

Received  from  Trustees  prior  to  April  17,  1914 250.00 

Received  from  Trustees  prior  to  October  21,  1914 350.00 

Cash  on  hand,  January  1,  1913 227.53 

TOTAL  RECEIPTS 74,027.53 


Total  expenditures  to  December  1,   1913 $73,031.36 

March  20,  1914  second    installment    taxes 336.30 

March  20,  1914  advertising  stockholders'   meeting    5.40 

March  20,  1914,  two    Notary    acknowledgments 1.00 

April  17,  Twin  Peaks  Tunnel  assessment 240.87 

July  9,  corporation  tax   5.00 

October  21,  first  installment  taxes    343.35 


December  1 ,  Cash  in  bank   $64.25 


Respectfully  submitted, 


Chas.   G.   Gebhardt,   Secretary. 


This  certifies  that  we  have  examined  the  accounts  and  records  of  Islam  Temple, 
A.  A.  O.  N.  M.  S.,  including  all  receipts  and  disbursements,  for  the  year  ending  Novem- 
ber 30,  1914,  and  we  further  certify  that  the  foregoing  statement  is  correct. 

Before  concluding  this  report,  we  wish  to  say,  on  the  general  conditions  of  Islam 
Temple,  that  the  Recorder's  ofiice,  books,  accounts  and  general  records  have  been  kept 
in  an  excellent  state  of  efficiency,  with  particularly  clear  and  complete  financial  records. 
Our  auditing  work  on  the  Temple's  books  during  the  past  year  has  been  a  pleasure, 
as  there  has  seldom,  if  ever,  been  a  moment  during  the  Recorder's  presence  when 
inquiry  regarding  any  question  of  Islam's  affairs  failed  to  elicit  an  immediate  and 
satisfactory  explanation.  The  records  and  accounts  are  accurate  and  show  painstaking 
to  a  fault,  and  best  of  all,  are  kept  right  up  to  date. 

Public  Accountants  and  Auditors. 

By  J.  R.  Ruckstell. 
Certified  Public  Accountant. 

Islam's  San  Francisco  Ceremonial  will  be  held  in  Dreamland 
Rink,  Steiner  and  Sutter  Sts.,  Thursday  evening,  May  6,  1915, 

illustrious    Potentate GEORGE    FILMER 

Chief    Rabban JOHN    A.    ULRiCH 

Assistant    Rabban JAIVIES    S.    HAWKINS 

High    Priest   and    Prophet THOIVIAS    L.    HILL 

Oriental    Guide FRANK    J.    KLIIVIIM 

Treasurer CHARLES    G.    GEBHARDT 

Recorder JOHN     BENNETT 

First   Ceremonial    IVIaster WALTER    N.    BRUNT 

Second   Ceremonial    Master ERNEST   C.    HUETER 

Director ..GUSTAVE   A.    LENOIR 


Captain  of  the  Guard OTTO  F.  GRUNDEL 

Outer   Guard JAMES   L.   ARTHUR 

Chief    Alchemist GEORGE    G.    FRISBEE 

W.   W.   ALLEN 
Assistant   Alchemists..    <f     ALBERT  A.   RHINE 

T.   S.    HOIN 
H.    W.   JACOBS 


Captain    Arab    Patrol ALEX.    WOODSIDE 

Manager  of  Band L.   A.   LAR8EN 

Electrician GEO.    K.    PORTER 

Director  Scenic  Effect A.    F.  SCHLEICHER 




Illustrious  Potentate  GEORGE  FILMEB 

Past  Potentate  HARRY  MAUNDRELL 

Past  Potentate  WILLIAM  H.  HENDRICKS 

Past  Potentate  FRANCIS  V.  KEESLING 



John  R.  Ruckstell,  Chairman 
George  B.  Land  Marshall  C.  Harris 


William  Crocker.Chalrman 
Christian  Hellwlg  Harry  MaundreH 


Charles  S.  Wheeler,  Chairman 
Arthur  ]Nr.  Joel  J.  Claude  Perry 


Alfred  J.  Butler,  Chairman 

Philip  Hastings  Howard  A.  Nauman 

Gustave  A.  Lenoir  A.  F.  Schleicher 

Albert  A.  Rhine  P.  Jaulos 


Dr.  T.   B.   W.   Leland,  Chairman 

Robert  Cleghorn  Clarence  F.  Pratt 


Dr.  Gaston  E.  Bacon 


Acampo  and  Vicinity — John  B.  Cory,  Jas.  Terry  Lang- 

Angels  Camp  and  Vicinity — A.  E.   Graebe. 

Atwater  and   Vicinity — S.   Herbert  Buck. 

Auburn  and  Vicinity — Ernest  S.  Birdsall,  Wm.  ^. 

Chico  and  Vicinity— ^Timothy  H.  Barnard,  Barney 
Cussick,  Wm.   B.   Dean,   Fred'k-  J.   Nottelmann. 

Colusa  and  Vicinity — Burr  H.  Mitchell,  Jesse  Pound- 

Dos  Palos  and  Vicinity — Dennis  A.  Leonard. 

Eureica  and  Vicinity — Geo.  A.  Belcher,  Garland  A. 
Dungan.  Alexander  Rankin,  Jos.   J.  Weiss. 

Fresno  and  Vicinity — Chas.  T.  Cearley,  Duncan  D. 
Allison,  D.  M.  Barnwell.  H.  H.  Brix,  Alfred  B. 
Clark,  Wm.  J.  Harris,  Herbert  Levy. 

Gridley— Chas.   H.   Brown.  William  Jeffreys. 

Hanford  and  Vicinity— Geo.  W.KeUy.  Heniy  X  Hen^ 
dricks,  John  C.  Rice,  F.  J.  Steele,  M.  Borba. 

Hollister  and   Vicinity— Wm.   R.   Flint,   Geo.   Wanple. 

Lodi  and   Vicinity— J.   M.   Blodgett,   Geo.   W.   LeMoin. 

Los   Banos  and   Vicinity — W.   W.  Wright. 

Marysville  and  Vicinity— E.  A.  Forbes,  T.  L.  Beyan, 
Arthur  M.    GlucKman,;  Harry  E.   Hyde. 

Merced  and  Vieinity-^Jno.  H.  Simonsen,  A.  F.  Pedrelra. 

Modesto  and  Vicinity— Wm.  H.  Hatton,  F,  R.  DeLappe. 

Monterey  and   Vicinity— John  P.   Pryor. 

Napa  and  Vicinity— L.  J.  Evans,  Geo.  A.  Heam.  M. 
Mclntyrtf.  R.  Raymond. 

Nevada  City  and  Vicinity— Fred  l'  Arbogast,  Ralph  W. 

Oroville  and   Vicinity— A.   F.  Jones,   Chas.   G.  Leeson. 

Petaluma  and  Vicinity— l.>Tnah  C.  Byce,  Ed.  I.  Camm. 
Frank  K.    Lippitt,    Wm.    D.    Thomas. 

Placerville  and  Vicinity— R.  K.  Berry,  Seth  B,  Beach. 

Redding  and  Vicinity— Arthur  M.  Dean.  W.  Coyne, 
R.   M.   Saeltzer. 

Red  Bluff  and  Vicinity— H.  C.  Swain,  Chas.  E.  Fish, 
Frank  H.   Hendricks,  Henry  P.,  Stice. 

Sacramento  and  Viwnity— Jos.  H.  Stephens,  Louis  F. 
Breuner,  Jos.  M.  Anderson,- 6.  E.  piggies,  R..  O. '  •; 
Kimbrough,  C.  A.  Root,  J.  E.  Thompson,  R.  B. 
Wilcox,  H  E.  Yardley,  Charles  J.  Chittenden, 
John  Clauss,  Edwin  J.  Harvey,  Edward  A.  Weil, 
Adolph  Teichert.    .... 

San  Francisco  and  Vicinity— Charles  Albert  Adams, 
Jos.  D.  Abrams,  Robt.  E.  Allan,  Jas.  W. 
Anderson,  Henry  Ascroft,;  P.  BerrAard,  A.  G. 
Boggs,  Frank  E.  Booth,  Albert  E.  Boynton, 
Herbert  M.  Brown,  Albert  W.  Burgren,  Robt.  N. 
Carson,  Dewey  Coffin,  Jesse  B.  Cook,  A.  J.  Do 
Lamare,  H.  G.  W.  Dinkelspiel.  Gus  E.  Dom, 
Daniel  E.  F.  Easton,  Mark  E.  Gaines,  John  O. 
Gantner,  John  E.  Gllson,  W.  A.  Gompertz,  Ed- 
mond  Godchaux,  Frank  H.  Gould,  Dr.  J.  L. 
Halsted,  Fred  L.  Hansen,  Walter  Harder,  Marshall 
C.  Harris,  William  C.  Hassler,  Ralph  L.  Hathom, 
John  W.  Heidt,  Christian  Hellwig,  William  V. 
HoUingbeiy,  William  P.  Humphreys,  Charles  Jel- 
linek,  Alphonse  Judis,  J.  C.  Kains,  John  A. 
Klein,  Alfred  Kutner,  Mark  W.  Levy,  E.  R,  Lili- 
enthal,  Harvey  D.  Loveland,  L.  B.  McMurtry. 
Harry  Maundrell,  R.  E.  Miller,.  Chas.  H..  Murphy, 
Howard  Nauman.  George  A.  Newton,  Francis  H. 
pj.  O'Donnell.  William  A.  Rasmussen.  F.  L.  Ros- 
enau.  T.  Patterson  Ross,  Thos.  Trebell.  Charlfes 
S.  Wheeler,  John  Whicher,  F.  W.  Williams, 
Hermon   F.    Wilson,    Cfark  Wise. 

San    Jose    and    Vicinity— Bert    Goldsmith,    Arthur    B.. 
Langford,  Walter  F.   Lillick,   A.   J.   Koch.   Jas.  A.  ' 
Chase,   George  A.   Howes,  Theodore  D.   Keech. 

San  Rafael  and  Vicinity— Wra.  A.  Rice. 

Santa    Cruz    and    Vicinity — George    A.    Montell,    John 
P.    Twist. 

Santa    Rosa    and.   Vicinity — Chas.    D.    Barnett,    Orin 
L.    Houts,   John  P.    Overton,   Geo.   T.    Trowbridge. 

Sonora    and    Vicinity — Clias.    H.    Burden,    David    H. 

Stockton   and    Vicinity— Fred  B.    Clark.   Henry  GMck. 
J.  B.  Henderson,  Geo.  Leistner.  A.  M.  Noble. 

Suisun  and  Vicinity — Wm.  Pierce. 

Susanville — Jules  Alexander. 

Tulare   and    Vicinity — George  C.   Burnett,   William   P. 
Williams.  Thomas  D.  Blodgett. 

Ultiah   and   Vicinity — Jas.   M.   Mannon 

Vacaville    and     Vicinity — Geo.     Ackerly,    Stirling    W. 

Vailejo   and    Vicinity— -A.    Hammar,   Thomas   V.   Dick,  ' 
J.   S.   Symington. 

Visalia    and    Vicinity— William    R.    Spalding,    A.    H. 
Murray,  Jr.,  Chas.  H.   Kinkier,  Irwin  A.  Shiffert 

Watsonville  and   Vicinity — John  E.  Tiafton. 

Weaverville  and   Vicinity — John  S.   Reld. 

Yrelta    and    Vicinity— Fred   E.    Wadsworth.    Louis   F. 

Walter  N.  Broat  Co.  Ptmi,  tH  MlMlsa  Bt